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Les solutions auditives

Current solutions for hearing loss


Choosing the best device:

Hearing is a complex sense in that to achieve the same satisfaction, two people with the same hearing loss will not tolerate the same setting or the same device.
Other criteria such as age, the amount of time the patient has had hearing loss, and the person’s tolerance of the device, will affect the choice of hearing aid.
To find the best solution for you it is important to seek advice from a qualified hearing care professional who will recommend the most suitable hearing aid for you.


Hearing aids

Since the arrival of digital technology in 1998, the range of hearing aid products has radically changed. Hearing aids are now packed with technology, are extremely efficient and almost invisible.
There are solutions for all types of hearing loss, whatever your lifestyle, personal preferences, age or budget.
The latest innovations on the market are the product of technological research and are approved by the major hearing aid brands.


Innovative technology in a tiny format

Modern hearing aids are small, comfortable and extremely discreet. They improve hearing, speech recognition and comfort.


Revolutionary features through digital technology

A digital hearing aid does not just amplify sounds.
Some centres strive to select hearing systems incorporating the best treatments capable of adapting to the environment
Today artificial intelligence inside the hearing aid adjusts the device to the sound environment to reduce background noise and to help make out speech.
Understanding speech against background noise is the biggest problem for most people with hearing loss, therefore it is vital to choose your own hearing aid.


Mini Behind the Ear (BTE) aids:

Mini contours

This is currently the most versatile solution for mild/moderate/severe hearing loss.
Its design is discreet, efficient and comfortable.
The initial advantage of this innovation was that it compensated hearing loss only affecting high frequencies. This is because the electronic component is mainly behind the pinna, leaving the ear canal completely open to naturally hear lower frequencies while correcting higher frequencies.
The latest research now makes it possible to preserve comfort, discretion and performance while extending use to severe hearing loss.


Spectacle hearing aids:

Lunettes auditives

This system, created in 2007 by GrandAudition, lets you clip your mini BTE hearing aid onto an arm of your glasses, making your hearing aid totally invisible.
This technological innovation makes it easier to handle your hearing aid, meaning you are less likely to lose it.


Tinnitus maskers:

Masqueurs d'acouphènes

Since 2013, people suffering from the discomfort of tinnitus have a choice of hearing aids incorporating an extremely efficient tinnitus masker.

Given that each patient’s discomfort is unique and subjective, we now let patients help to set their own masker.

Using a tablet, the person adjusts the degree of their tinnitus objectively. This preliminary step gives the hearing care professional a better idea of the patient’s discomfort to adjust the hearing aid setting appropriately, which greatly improves the masker’s efficiency.

Listen to a description of how the tablet works:

To find out more about our tinnitus solutions, click on this link:

In the ear (ITE) aids

Intra auriculaires

ITE aids are inserted entirely in your ear canal and are custom-made in our laboratories from the silicone impression of your ear. After impressions are taken, a resin shell is created into which an electronic chip, microphone and receiver are inserted.
ITE hearing aids are the ideal solution for mild to medium hearing loss affecting all frequencies, high or low, in varying proportions - often interfering significantly or moderately in the patient’s social life.
ITE hearing aids are not appropriate for people with an outer ear canal that is too narrow, too short or people with excessive ear wax.
These devices can be custom-made and repaired in certain centres with their own laboratory.





Lyric prothèse auditive

Lyric is a latest-generation hearing aid that is inserted 4 mm from the eardrum making it completely invisible. It can be worn constantly, even in the shower, for around 3 months without changing the battery.
It is a medical device that must be approved by your ENT specialist and hearing care professional.


BTE hearing aids

Contours d'oreilles

These generally high power devices are the ideal solution for severe to profound hearing loss or for people with difficulty handling hearing aids. All the electronic components are located behind the ear and the sound travels to the eardrum via a tip, custom-made in our laboratories.


Rechargeable hearing aids

Aides auditives rechargeables

For people with reduced mobility, loss of grip (Parkinson's or osteoarthritis patients, etc.), or just for everyday ease, a charger is compatible with some hearing aids.
No need to change the battery regularly, or stop and start your device every day.
Simply insert your hearing aid in the casing provided and it will be ready to use the next morning.



Aide auditive CIC de Grand Audition

CIC 1H 3D is the world’s smallest and most advanced hearing aid, offering maximum discretion and comfort. The sound quality is second to none, with new chips marking a technological breakthrough in the quality of speech against background noise and sound environment adjustment capabilities.

EORA hearing jewels

Eora boucles

A combination of the finest craftsmanship and the most advanced innovations, Eora is a collection of hearing devices.